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(1931-1941) Potez Po 25 A2

Potez Po 25In 1931, in the Greek Air Force's warehouses, there were a number of 500hp Hispano-Suiza engines originally intended to be installed in Bre XIX aircraft. Due to cost considerations, they were installed instead in 24 Potez Po 25 A2 aircraft purchased from France.
These two-seater army cooperation aircraft were given the designation "Greek aircraft" ("Greq Avion") by the manufacturer. As the Po25 had been designed for a different type of engine, in order for these Hispano-Suiza to be installed, a 25kg ballast was added on the tail. According to critics, this caused several accidents.

Operational History
1931 - 24 Potez 25 aircraft are purchased from France.
October 1940 - At the time of the Italian invasion, the Greeks have 17 Potez 25, based at Sedes near Thessaloniki, as the 4th Mira of Army Support. At the same time, the Greeks also have 22 Breguet XIX A2 (only 9 being operational) and 16 Hs 126A-1 for army support. It sees limited action.
April 1941 - All Potez aircraft must have been either destroyed or captured by the Germans.

Potez Po 25 A2 Greek

Length: 9.10 m
Height: 3.67 m
Wingspan: Upper wing 14,14 m - Lower wing 10 m
Wing Area: 34.30 sq. m
Weight: (take off) 1,945 kg, (empty) 1,230 kg kg
Engine: 1 x Hispano Suiza 12GB (500 hp)
Speed: 230 km/h
Ceiling: 7,300 m
Range: 500 km
Crew: 2

For Gamers and Game designers
An unremarkable army cooperation/observation aircraft that played little role at the early stages of World War II.


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