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(1929-1941) Hawker Horsley Mk.II

Greek Hawker HorsleyIn December 1929, six British-made Hawker Horsley aircraft were delivered to the Greek Naval Air Force. They could carry the impressive for the time, load of a 975 kg torpedo. They were based at Tatoi, near Athens, from the beginning to the end of their service. In their final years, they were used for training purposes. They did not take part in any operation during World War II.

Operational History
Dec. 1929 - 6 Horsleys are delivered to the Naval Air Force.
21 Jul. 1934 - 3 Horsleys take part in the "Tour of the Balkans", a good-will operation after the signing of the Balkan treaty that involves visiting most of the Balkan capitals, starting from Istanbul. Involved are: Georgios Themelis (mission leader; later Defence Deputy Minister), Pavlos Sachtouris, Georgios Fraggistas, Charalambos Potamianos, Xenophon Varvaressas.

Hawker Horsley Mk.II

Length: 38 ft 10 in
Height: 13 ft 7 3/4 in
Wingspan: 56 ft 6 in
Weight: (Take Off) 7800 lb (bomber), 9271 lb (torpedo bomber); (empty) 4670 lb (bomber), 4958 lb (torpedo bomber)
Engine: 1 x Rolls-Royce Condor IIIA (665 hp)
Service Ceiling: 14000 ft
Speed: 203 km/h (bomber), 190 km/h(torpedo bomber)
Armament: A Vickers machine gun at the nose and a Lewis machine gun in the gunner position, up to 680 kg bombs or one 975 kg torpedo
Crew: 2

For Gamers and Game designers
One of very few aircraft types in the Greek Air Force that could carry a considerable bombload.

For Modellers
As designed by Manuele Villa for MS Flight Simulator:
Greek Hawker Horsley from MS Flight Simulator, designed by Manuele Villa


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