Sunday, 3 October 2010

(1943-1973) Minesweeper "Paralos"

Minesweeper MykonosOne of four BYMS class wooden motor minesweepers that were transfered from the Royal Navy to Greece during World War II. Her sisters were Afroessa, Karteria and Salaminia. The BYMS class minesweepers were built in the US and were originally offered to the Royal Navy as part of the lend-lease programme between 1941 and 1943. They were able to perform magnetic, acoustic and mechanical minesweeping. Paralos did not serve with the Royal Navy at all. It was transfered brand new to the Greek Navy.

Operational History
9 June 1943 - Accepted to the Greek Navy in Grimsby by Lt Cdr Ch. Foufas HN, Squadron Commander of these four minesweepers.
1 Sep. 1943 - Sails to Alexandria. Used in minesweeping operations in the Eastern Mediterranean.
From 1945 - Participates in the post-war large-scale minesweeping of the Greek waters.
11 Sep. 1973 - Decommissioned.

MMS class minesweeper "Paralos"

Displacement: 223 tons
Propulsion: Diesel 1,000 hp
Length: 41.45m
Width: 7.5m
Draft: 1.8m
Speed: 12 knots
Armament: 1 × 3 inch/50 gun, 2x 20mm guns, and four machine guns
Crew: 33

For Gamers and Game designers
A relatively modern minesweeper with adequate armament.


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